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20 May 2019
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resigning in style

Are you looking at moving on from your current job? Then make sure you read our guide on how to resign in style.

  • Be absolutely certain that you want to resign before you do the deed - there may be no turning back! Weigh up all the factors - emotive, financial, lifestyle - before taking the plunge and talk to friends and family to ensure you've made a balanced decision that's right for you.
  • Be professional about your exit. Don't forget that you may need a reference and the business world is a small one - so even if you're leaving because you're desperately unhappy at your present company or hate your boss, bury the hatchet and leave gracefully.
  • Prepare what you want to say in advance and stick to it. Don't go into a huge amount of detail, else you might end up saying things you don't mean to.
  • Keep calm - remember that your resignation may be a shock to your employer and it could result in tears, feelings of betrayal or even anger. Keep your cool and stay with your planned comments - don't be bullied or feel sorry for your boss. Remember all the reasons that made you decide to resign and stand your ground.
  • Keep your written letter of resignation short and sweet. You only need to give your notice of termination of employment and the date from which the notice is effective. Here is a template resignation letter.
  • You may be surprised with a counter-offer. Don't let flattery persuade you to stay, but consider the offer seriously - does it overcome your reasons for leaving? Are the promises likely to be kept? Will the company continue to trust you if you stay? Accept or reject with decorum.
  • Offer to assist with handovers and the completion of outstanding work. You are still being paid to work for the company and should therefore pull your weight till the end - after all you never know when your paths may cross again.
  • Resolve any issues and agree a fair settlement of any outstanding bonuses, holiday leave and the return of any equipment or computers that you may have.
  • Leave on a positive note. Last impressions can count as much as first ones!
  • Invite all your colleagues and your boss to a leaving do where you can say your farewells rather than distracting them at work - it may pay to stay in touch for the future.