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environmental policy

Parkhouse is a provider of services rather than products. However, during the conduct of our operations we make use of a range of natural and man-made resources. We appreciate the environmental benefits of reducing the consumption of these resources and encourage our offices to seek alternative options and make use of recycling initiatives wherever they may be practical.

Environmentally friendly initiatives are also encouraged in the use of low energy lighting, insulation of offices and in car sharing.

We discourage our offices from providing temporary, contract or permanent personnel to those businesses whose conduct is unnecessarily harmful to the environment or society as a whole. Employees conduct business with a strong sense of corporate responsibility and to the highest possible standards.

Given that ethics are subjective at a personal level, we take a balanced view and believe it would not be appropriate to dictate to its staff a corporate policy across every moral issue. Our clients operate across all industry sectors, with a small proportion of operating in the oil, tobacco and alcohol industries. To some people, these companies produce products that are either environmentally or socially damaging. In these circumstances, the decision whether or not to do business with these clients is left to the discretion of the local operating office or, where appropriate, that of the individual consultant.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and in carrying out our work to enhance the wider environment and minimise any harmful impact as far as is reasonably possible.

Our current activities do not create emissions to the environment covered by environmental protection legislation. However we remain committed to a high level of environmental protection and, where possible, enhancement.

  • Responsibility
    Environmental management is the responsibility of all employees. Compliance with our policy and implementation of best practice is monitored by the Business Performance Department.

    Employees are reminded that minimising waste is good for the organisation and the environment and that they should co-operate with environmental initiatives. They are also encouraged to re-use and recycle materials where possible, and to make positive suggestions as to how we may improve what we do.
  • Office Energy
    Low energy lights are used where possible, and all employees are reminded to ensure that all electrical items are switched off when they leave the office.


  • Paper
    The use of electronic communication and documentation is well established, however the use of paper is unavoidable. As good practice, all offices are encouraged to manage the lower use of paper and to collect waste paper for recycling.
  • Toner Cartridges
    All used toner cartridges are disposed of in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Travel
    Staff are required to reduce business travel where possible, or as a minimum plan work and meetings to make travelling more efficient. The use of public transport is encouraged where suitable, as is car sharing.