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20 May 2019
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equal opportunities statement and policy

Parkhouse is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment.

Temporary and permanent job applicants should be placed only on the basis of the qualifications, skills and experience they offer. However this principle will be nothing more than a statement of good intent unless it is acted upon and put into everyday practice.

The Equal Opportunities Policy sets out Parkhouse commitment to promoting equality of opportunity to all employees, whilst the following Equal Opportunity Statements outline how the Company endeavours to implement and promote this policy.

Recruitment and Selection within Parkhouse
Parkhouse will make every effort to ensure that recruitment and selection, whether internal or external, is conducted on the basis of competence and personal attributes necessary for a particular role and that equal opportunities exist at every stage of the recruitment process.

Recruitment literature, external advertisements and internal vacancy details will not contain any unlawful discriminatory requirements.

Person specifications will not contain any unlawful discriminatory requirements and all criteria will be relevant to the job and applied consistently to all applicants.

At all stages of the interview process, an applicant will only be considered on the basis of competence and personal attributes and only questions that are clearly relevant to the job will be asked.

Training and Development within Parkhouse
Training and development activities within Parkhouse serve two main purposes - first to improve performance in the job; second to develop to the full the individual's abilities and so provide preparation for future potential jobs.

All employees will receive training based on their current knowledge and skill levels in accordance with the above purposes.

All internal training events will be performed in accordance with the policy and where appropriate will include reminders of the Company's Equal Opportunities Policy and Codes of Practice.

Career Development within Parkhouse
All career development opportunities will be made on the basis of competence and essential personal attributes.

Details of internal opportunities will be made available and all employees will be eligible to apply.

Disability within Parkhouse
Parkhouse will make every practicable effort to recruit and provide equal career opportunities to people with disabilities according to their capabilities.

If existing employees become disabled during their employment with Parkhouse, every effort will be made to continue to employ them in their existing jobs or in another position more appropriate to their changed abilities.

There will be no assumption that employees with disabilities are unlikely to progress to senior positions. They will be offered experience and opportunities according to their capabilities and qualifications.

Monitoring Equal Opportunities
Parkhouse recognises that regular Equal Opportunities monitoring is essential for the effectiveness of the Company’s policy. Therefore, all employees operating the service through its employment agency operations will not only adhere to any system for monitoring Equal Opportunities that a client already adopts, but will adhere to internal systems such as Adapt, which may be amended and updated from time to time. This will result in Parkhouse offering a service which forms a seamless extension to the client's own recruitment and selection procedures and practices.

Furthermore, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), of which Parkhouse is a member, has produced a Code of Conduct approved by the EOC and the CRE. This Code of Conduct includes guidelines on the monitoring process that employment agencies are advised to follow.