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20 June 2019
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britons' working hours revealed

A survey has revealed that just under half of all British employees work for over eight hours every single day, HR Magazine revealed.

Undertaken by the flexible working solutions supplier Regus, the survey uncovered some worrying statistics - such as that over one-third work for up to 11 hours each day. One-tenth put in more hours than that.

Regus took into account the working habits of some 2,700 workers throughout the nation in order to compile its results, finding that 43 per cent of employees take to working when they get home, too. However those working from a remote location were more inclined to do so, with office-based employees finding it easier to switch off.

A spokesperson for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Celia Donne, explained how this could affect the work-life balance of working people.

"Our new report finds that the distinction between work and home life is becoming increasingly blurred," she revealed, adding that this could lead to long-term health effects and perhaps reduce productivity. Donne's advice may encourage businesses to do more to support their true talent, in order to mitigate them burning out.

In fact, doing this might well inspire a happier, more motivated attitude, according to work and organisation professor Dr Claire Kelliher.

She explained on that staff members are often very grateful to their employers for allowing the chance to work flexibly.