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21 May 2019
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changing career

Thinking of a career change? It can be a daunting time. When you are venturing into something new it is nice to have someone to talk things through with.

At Parkhouse we are here for you and this is our advice if you fancy a change in career direction:

Identify the people already doing the job you would like and contact them to ask for advice. This is also a great way of getting work experience offers which you should seize.

Identify transferable skills.
You will have many skills that you can use in another career, for example if you are a busy parent, your organisation skills will be well honed.

Break it down into steps.
Changing career can seem like a huge step, so break it down into bitesize steps. Start by writing a list of tasks, such as:

  • Identify my skills that employers in my chosen field will look for
  • Look into relevant courses that may help me
  • Update my CV!
  • Practise my interview skills

Research the industry you are aiming for. The internet and trade journals can be very useful sources.

Most importantly, don't lose heart. Prepare yourself for the possibility of some rejection but keep searching and applying for the jobs you want.

If you would like more advice and support, please contact your local consultant.