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20 May 2019
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questions about your pay?

What are my tax office details?

Which tax office you will deal with will depend on which Parkhouse office you are working through. Contact your consultant who will be able to supply details if you need to contact them.

What tax forms should I provide?

All candidates starting must provide a P45 or a completed P46 or P38 (student form). Without any of these forms you may pay more tax than you should and HMRC will be unaware that you are working for us. If you have no P45, a P46 should be completed. If you are a full time student then you should complete a P38, but only if the following conditions can be satisfied:

  • You are currently a student and will continue to be until the next 5th April
  • You will not earn more than the current tax threshold (around £5000 per year)
  • You are ONLY working during holidays (Christmas, Easter and Summer)

If any of these conditions cannot be satisfied then you must complete a P46 instead.

How long does it take for my correct tax code to be used?

On receipt of your P46 or P46 we will endeavour to use your correct tax code immediately. If this is not possible, HMRC will usually notify us within 4 weeks of what tax code should be used.

What if I have a payroll query?

In the first instance, contact your consultant. In the event that they cannot help you, they will speak with our Payroll Department who will be able to answer any queries that arise.

How will I be paid?

We can only pay by BACS directly into a UK bank account. Payment will be made on the Friday after the week you work.

Any other questions?

If you have any other concerns, please use the form below, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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