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20 June 2019
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maintain a professional online presence

Employers and recruiters are increasingly searching social media sites for applicants and, as social media expert Philip Calvert noted, everything which ends up online is "very visible these days". 

"People, whenever they are using social media, should bear in mind who might see what they post online and how they conduct themselves," he warned. 

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are generally used as a form of quick and informal communication between friends.

They are also often a way to display photos from holidays and special events, which could explain why a recent study suggested that Brits are under the influence of alcohol in at least 76 per cent of their Facebook photos. 

One way to combat this is to manage the privacy settings of the site so that tagged photos and wall posts are only visible to close friends or family.

Another way is to simply avoid posting anything which might be deemed inappropriate by employers.

They want to see a positive and professional online presence, even on social sites.

Using Twitter can be a valuable way to network and connect with potential colleagues and recruiters, but in many ways it is even more complicated to manage than a Facebook page.

Fewer privacy settings mean that the timeline of Tweets is visible to any visitors to that profile