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20 June 2019
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make the right first impression during interviews

According to image consultant Angela Marshall, most employers will judge an applicant within mere moments of meeting them.

"You will be judged in that first three-to-five seconds," she warned.

"Fifty-five per cent on the way you look - clothes, body language - then on the way you sound - pitch, accent and tone of voice, so speak confidently and clearly."

When it comes to appearances, it is important to be well-groomed and dressed in way that is appropriate to the office. Even in an informal workplace, it is advisable to look smart and pulled together.

"Always dress better than what people wear everyday", Ms Marshall said.

If the company is local, watch people coming and going during the day to get some idea of company-appropriate attire.  Alternatively, phone the receptionist to find out more.

Of course, making a good first impression goes beyond appearances.

Always be courteous and well-mannered when meeting new people and do not underestimate the positive effect of a smile – it conveys warmth and helps the muscles feel more relaxed.

Jobseekers should try to show passion and positivity during the interview to demonstrate the kind of energy that they can bring to the workplace.